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The cool way to look for a night out

Way2Travel is a website and app that enables you to look for cool spots close to your specific location. With the use of geo-location, a person gets a personalised version of the site that fits his/her current needs. For example, if a person is located in Belgium, the user will get to see the ‘Belgian waffle’ theme and will be able to look up nearby bars, events, museums, restaurants, etc. After choosing a main topic, the user can use a filter to look for more specific locations. The theme shown will correspond with the most nearby city/town that has a specific theme available.

Currently the app will be focusing on the major cities around the world, but more places will be added once more data is gathered. On launch, the app will work for New York, Brussels, Paris and Rome. The website and app are currently in development and will be updated soon!

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