The ABC of Typography

The ABC of Typography

The look and feel of typefaces explained visually
As a personal project, I decided to investigate typography by making an ABC book. I’ve taken each individual letter, and searched for a font that started with the same letter. I investigated the fonts, especially to see what kind of vibe, feeling or personality it had. After the investigating part I wanted to capture that personality in one shot, so I went out and created each letter with a specific material and tried to create a setting in which the character of the font is represented.


The idea was to make people look differently at typography. We see a lot of type around us every day, but why are certain fonts used? To fit that idea in the cover, I’ve created a sleave which, if you pull it off the book, will create an optical illusion of moving letters. It also leaves you with type that’s harder to read, so you’ll need to take a closer look at it before it will be readable.



Rotten bread on concrete
Hairgel on skin
Wordart and gradient nightmare, combined with shines and a dropshadow
Molten parafine on a fancy tablecloth
Punched letter in folded steel
Polyethylene casting on yellow plastic surface
Glass plate with dust
Old letterpress printing letters on a hard-wooden table
Regular brick on concrete
Sawn wood on a wooden cutting table
Polyester resin ice cube in a glass of coke on a painted wooden table
Handmade tattoo on pigskin using a regular needle and Indian ink
Paper cut-out on plain paper with a very bright lamp to create the shadows
Neon sign on a old alley wall
Brushed and smoothed wood painted with metallic paint on an old metal surface
Rusted and lasered steel on a stone floor
Homemade bagel on a regular plate and a picknick cloth
Painted jigsawn letter on an old wooden table
Graffiti on cardboard one a plain paper surface
Ketchup and fries on a blue plate
Coffee-stain on a newspaper
Homemade jelly mixed with molten gummy-bears on a jelly surface
Polyethylene casting on a black surface
Kid’s collage made out wool strings, glitter, cheap glue and colored paper
20 cent coin-pieces on a leather surface
Ceramic on an old tablecloth on a wooden table
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