Marillion’s Fans: Stories from all over the world

Marillion's fans: stories from all over the world

Book concept, design and illustrations

Client: Big Chef Books
Main tasks: Concept, graphic design, 3D, visual design
Co-operation: Jennifer van der Kroft –

Marillion’s fans: stories from all over the world is a book about the fanatic fans of the progressive band Marillion. Fanatic is an understatement though, these fans travel all over the world, have their homes filled to the brim with merchandise and are often considered to be one big family. This book shares more that 40 different personal stories of fans from 28 different countries all over the world. These stories all share some special experiences that fans had because of/with the band.

Fans usually talk about the so-called ‘Marillion-bug’: once you’ve got bitten by it, it will never let you go. We’ve used this point of view to determine how we could show the stories in a unique way. Eventually we came up with the Marillion virus. We’ve made a unique 3D illustration to accompany each personal story, in which the essence of the story itself is presented. The cover is a symbol of the close Marillion-family, tightly packed together to form one whole. Besides all the design-work, we’ve also created the accompanying merchandise like key-chains, banners, posters, etc.

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