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Knowledge Knockout

A playfull website for a playfull game

Check out the trailer for the Knowledge Knockout onboarding app

Client: &ranj
Main tasks:
Webdesign, UX/UI design, visual design

About Knowledge Knockout
Knowledge Knockout is a multiplayer mobile game by &ranj in which employees can gain knowledge about the company in a fun and motivating way. As a way of promoting the game, we (a small team of fellow &ranj designers and myself) created a complementary website. My main responsibility was to organize & build the (responsive) lay-out, make the site visually appealing, implement all available assets, think about the UX and maintaining the front- and backend.

The site has a lot of small animations, parallax effects and tweaks to correspond with the overall vibe of the game. Because images don’t really do great justice to such things, why don’t you check it out yourself on

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