Gears In Motion

The proces


Some gears in Illustrator for the lasercutter

After doing some research and making some small installations I’ve decided to make an installation with gears. Because I couldn’t find a place where I could get various big-sized (affordable) gears, I figured it would be best to make them myself. I made different sizes and types of gears in Adobe Illustrator and cutted them out of wood with a lasercutter. After quite some hours of lasercutting I ended up with more than 100 gears.

I made a huge wooden frame and painted it full-black. To set the gears in motion I went to a scrapyard and got a small motor from a car-window-cleaner. I attached a small rechargeable drill battery to keep it powered. Eventually it was a bit too weak to drive all the gears all at once, so I modified the main gear to only drive one segment of gears at once.



The first stack of lasercutted gears



A stack of different-sized gears



Putting the gears together on the frame



Painting the frame


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