About Me

Design addict, computer wizard & coffee lover

In a nutshell, my world revolves around Design, Art, Technology, Media, Games, Nerdstuff and Coffee

As you’ve probably figured out by now, due to the obvious name of this website, my name is Mathijs Sterrenburg. I’ve started out as a graphic designer and gradually ‘evolved’ into an allround media-designer. I’m always exploring and experimenting a lot with 3D, illustration, web-design, motion design and a bit of coding. I love challenges and will always go the extra mile to make projects unique.

Got a cool idea or project that needs to stand out and look awesome? Feel free to contact me anytime!


Which I had the honor to work for


Jack of all trades due to curiosity
Graphic Design
Motion Design
3D design
Web Design
UX/UI design


Because you want to know it all

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